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Since its inception, Cauris Management has invested in over 40 companies active in nine countries. Investee companies contributed to the development of the regional private sector.

Africa West Industries (AWI)

Africa West Industries (AWI) is a Cote d'Ivoire-based company which produces soap bars and soap pellets from crude palm oil (CPO). Products are marketed within the West African market.
II’s investment will allow the company to widen the product range, to finance a CPO plant, additional storage capacity and a cooking oil production facility. The investment have been made through Africa Elaeis Company (AEC) a Mauritius-based SPV fully owned by FCC II.


CIPHARM is the Ivorian leader in pharmaceutical production, active for more than 25 years in the production of generic drugs (dry form, powder and syrup), under its own brand names and licensed names, distributed in a dozen of countries in West and Central Africa.
Fonds Cauris Croissance
II’s investment will enable CIPHARM to widen its offering with the development of injectable forms’ activity, a market insufficiently supplied by local production.


Founded in 1999, VIPNET is a Cote d’Ivoire-based company which provides interconnection, data transmission, internet and VoIP telephony services mainly to SMEs.
The investment of FCC
II’s will finance its expansion plan and increase its network coverage with access to WiMAX and LTE technologies. There is increasing demand for data transmission, high-speed wireless communication and internet services across the region and the company plans to tap into new opportunities that arise with the arrival of broadband internet via submarine cables.


Established in 2010, Axxend is a business technology services provider dedicated to using the Microsoft platform and SAP technologies to assist enterprises achieve higher efficiency and profitable growth. Axxend operates from its Senegal base, as well as offices in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Guinea Conakry and Cameroon. FCC II’s investment is for the purpose of diversification of Axxend activities. Many opportunities arise in the African landscape, with the development of broadband internet via submarine cables.


Atlantic Financial Group (AFG)/Banque Atlantique

AFG is a SPV that owns a 50% stake of Banque Atlantique alongside Banque Centrale Populaire a Moroccan banking group. Banque Atlantique, which began operations in 1988 in Cote d'Ivoire, has expanded its footprint in the WAEMU and has banking subsidiaries in Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo. Banque Atlantique also owns a brokerage firm.
Banque Atlantique offers corporate and retail banking services to customers.


Azalaï Hotels

Founded in 1994, Azalaï; Hotels (former Société Malienne de Promotion Hôtelière), is a sub-regional hotel group operating in four WAEMU countries across six hotels of 3 to 5 stars offering 665 rooms at the end of 2012.
The group which mainly targets the Corporate customers of the WAEMU, has the following advantages: a regional brand, a management team experienced in regional expansion, a good geographical location of hotels and competitive pricing in all segments available.
As part of its development plan, Azalai Hotels began in February 2013, the construction of a 4-star hotel with 170 rooms in Abidjan. The management is still working for the next construction of a 4-star hotel with 150 rooms in Conakry, a 4-star hotel with 155 rooms in Dakar and the construction of hotels in Lome, Niamey, Nouakchott and Lagos.


Banque Populaire

Banque Populaire pour l'Epargne et le Crédit (BPEC) comes from the transformation of the Caisse d'Epargne bank in Togo in late 2007. BPEC is a commercial and microfinance bank and has the largest branch network in Togo. Cauris intervened in 2010 to allow the Bank to strengthen its financial structure, further institutionalize its shareholding and support its development program.


Sodigaz is a butane bottling and distribution company in Togo. Its promoters are former executives from Shell. Cauris invested in Sodigaz in 2009 to fund the completion of a filling station and to help meet the exploding demand for butane gas in the country.


SWINDEVCO is an installer of telecommunications networks active in francophone West Africa. Cauris invested in 2009 aims to support the company's regional expansion and strengthen its capabilities.


SOCOPHARM is the oldest wholesale distributor of pharmaceuticals in Togo. Cauris' investment in 2009 was part of a program to reinforce its position and expand.


PCI is an investment vehicle that is a shareholder in MTN Cote d'Ivoire, the country's market leader in the telecoms industry. Cauris invested in PCI in 2009.

Bridge Bank Group

BRIDGE BANK GROUP is a bank in Cote d'Ivoire. Cauris' capital injection in 2007 was aimed at reinforcing the bank's positioning in its home market.

FIFA de Ste Luce

Eau-Technologie-Environnement produces mineral water in Benin under the brand FIFA de Ste Luce. It was founded by an engineer with with good experiences in the mineral water business. The company benefited from an investment Cauris in 2007 to finance its development.

Compagnie de Distribution de Côte d'Ivoire (CDCI)

Compagnie de Distribution de Côte d'Ivoire (CDCI) operates a chain of distribution stores initially established by Unilever. Following the acquisition of the company by its current shareholders, Cauris invested in 2007 to finance the opening of new outlets across Cote d'Ivoire.

P�tro Ivoire

Pétro Ivoire is an Ivorian hydrocarbons distribution company which has an extensive network of service stations spread over the country. It was founded by Ivorian executives with strong experience in the sector gained from major players. Petro Ivoire used proceeds from Cauris' investment to develop a filling plant for butane gas, helping households reduce their costs, and their CO2 emissions.

Moov Togo

Operated by Atlantic Telecom (Etisalat Group) which is present in several African countries, Moov Togo is the second cellular network operator in Togo. Cauris invested in 2006 following the acquisition of Telecel Togo by Atlantic Telecom.


SAPIN is a Senegalese company originally in offset and secure printing. The company diversified in 2003 in gravure printing with the production of flexible packaging (food packaging, packaging of detergents ...). Cauris' intervention in 2004 was to support the new developments.


Celtel was the third mobile operator to enter the Burkina Faso market in 2001. It has then gradually gained market share to become the leader in mobile telephony in the country. Cauris invested in Celtel Burkina Faso in 2003. The company's name changed to Zain and then Airtel


SIMELEC is a Senegalese company specialized in the production of electricity meters since 2003. Meters are sold both in Senegal and in other West African countries. Cauris investment is part of a joint venture with Senegalese companies active in the electricity sector.

Orange Mali

Initially called Ikatel, the company was the second fixed and mobile telephone company to establish itself in Mali in 2003, at the time of Cauris' investment. It became Orange Mali in 2006. Orange Mali is a subsidiary of Senegal's Sonatel which is part of the France Telecom Group. Telecom Group.

Ibis Lome Centre (Togo)

Operated by the company "Accueil Hôtel le Benin" in partnership with Accor Group, Ibis Lome Centre (Togo) is a three star hotel business and tourist hotel. Cauris' capital was used in 2003 to renovate the building, which was leased from the Togolese government.


AGORA is an investment vehicle launched in 2003 by BOA Group and other institutional investors including Cauris. The idea was to pool financial resources to take advantage of the growth of capital-intensive sectors such as telecommunications.


Omnifinance is the first successful factoring company in Francophone West Africa. In 2002, Cauris invested in this Abidjan based company to help develop into commercial banking. The company obtained regulatory approvals the same year to start operating as a bank. It was later acquired by Access Bank of Nigeria.


ELEA is an Ivorian manufacture of fresh pineapple juice. The company's products are packaged and marketed in various forms in the local market. Cauris invested in 2002 at the start up phase.


COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY (Computec) is an Ivorian company which supplies technical equipment and provides computer services. It was created in 1994. Cauris provided expansion capital in 2002.

Credit Africain and EQUIPBAIL Benin

In 2006, Cauris provided financing to support the merger of Credit Africain and EQUIPBAIL Benin, a leasing subsidiary of BOA Group.

Jossira Industries

Jossira Industries is an industrial unit for production of refined, cholesterol free cottonseed oil. It also produces animal feed. The company is located in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) and began operations in 2001. Cauris provided startup capital.

CAFE Informatique & Télécommunications

Created in 1987 by private operators, CAFE Informatique & Télécommunications is one of the first Togolese IT companies and is also ISP. Cauris invested in 2001 to develop the voice over IP services.


SAPLAIT produces milk, butter and other dairy products. It is based in Abidjan. Cauris invested in 1999 alongside the Colina Group to further industrialize the activity.


SERMED owns and manages the International Center of Ophthalmology located in Abidjan. Cauris invested in 1999 to finance the construction of the medical treatment center.


EQUIPBAIL-MALI is a leasing company established in Mali in 1999 by BOA Group alongside various institutional investors including Cauris.

Filature du Sahel (FILSAH)

Filature du Sahel (FILSAH) is the only cotton mill in Burkina Faso. It is located in Bobo Dioulasso and operational since 2000. Production includes threads and mops which are sold locally and abroad. Cauris invested in 1998.

Société Malienne de Promotion Hôtelière (SMPH)

Société Malienne de Promotion Hôtelière (SMPH) operates the largest chain of hotels in West African under the name AZALAï Hotels. From its beginnings in 1994 in Bamako with the acquisition and renovation of the historic Grand Hotel de Bamako (4 stars), SMPH has expanded with the opening in 2000 of the the Hotel Salam (5 stars) in Bamako. Cauris invested in 1998 to finance the construction of the Salam. Since then, SMPH has expanded into Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Benin, and now Côte d'Ivoire.

Société des Huileries du Bénin (SHB)

Société des Huileries du Bénin (SHB) is located in Bohicon in Benin and results from the privatization of the National Company for the Industry of Fats (SONICOG). SONICOG was bought by the Ivorian agro-industrial group SIFCA in partnership with various industrial and financial investors including Cauris which intervened through equity in 1998. SHB uses cotton seeds to produce a pure, odorless and cholesterol free vegetable oil, as well as animal feed.


From an artisanal dairy in 1994, Niger-Lait became the first industrial dairy concern in Niger. It distributes its products both locally and across West Africa. Cauris invested in 1998 and accompanied the company in its various phases of development and industrialization since then.

Toubijoux Industries

Toubijoux Industries est une unité industrielle de fabrication de bijoux en or et en argent créée au Sénégal en 1997 par des promoteurs privés sénégalais avec le concours en capital et quasi-capital de Cauris. Toubijoux Industries is an industrial manufacturing of gold jewelry and silver in Senegal created in 1997 by Senegalese private business men with the help in capital and quasi-equity of Cauris.

Bank Of Africa - Burkina Faso (BOA-Burkina Faso)

Bank Of Africa - Burkina Faso (BOA-Burkina Faso) est la cinquième banque de BOA Group à ouvrir en Afrique. La banque qui a démarré ses activités commerciales en 1997, fait preuve d'un dynamisme remarquable avec des parts de marché sans cesse croissantes. L'investissement de Cauris est intervenu en 1997. Bank of Africa - Burkina Faso (BOA-Burkina Faso) is the fifth bank to open BOA Group in Africa. The bank that started its business in 1997, demonstrated a remarkable dynamism with market share ever increasing. Cauris investment occurred in 1997.


Established in 1997, Burkina-Bail is one of the leaders in the leasing and factoring market in Burkina Faso. The company was created by the International Bank of Burkina (BIB) associated with various other institutional investors including FMO and Cauris.

Linea Industries

Linea Industries is an Ivorian company active in the rewinding and packaging of sewing and knitting wool. The company results from the takeover by private operators of the "Ivorian Company of Manufactures". Cauris invested in 1996.

BOA Cote d'Ivoire

Cauris invested in BOA Cote d'Ivoire in 1996. The bank was renamed after the acquisition in 1996 of BANAFRIQUE by BOA Group. Bank of Africa Cote d'Ivoire is the fourth subsidiary to be opened by the BOA Group.


In 1996, Cauris invested in TUNDE to finance its transition from a simple printing company to an industrial concern. During the partnership with Cauris, TUNDE has become the leader in Benin, and earned a good reputation across the region.

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