Cauris Management

Investment Strategy

An investment from Cauris managed funds can answer different motivations:
  • Create a business that meets identified and addressable market needs (venture capital)
  • Financing growth: new equipments, launch of new products and services, establishing a subsidiary, acquisition of a competitor or diversification (growth capital)
  • Restructuring firms in difficulty (distressed capital)
  • Acquiring a minority or control position in a company: replacement capital, buyouts, etc...

Cauris Management focuses on SMEs which have the potential for high grow and high profitability. Given the size of target countries, a specific emphasis is put on companies that are able to grow cross borders in West Africa and beyond. Our ambition is to contribute to the creation of large regional players. We want to support talented entrepreneurs seeking capital and advice to take their company to the next level, transform national leaders into regional champions.

We usually take minority stakes in target companies. We are not a bank but a partner for them because the strengthening of capital structures for SMEs often allows for better terms with commercial banks, and consequently help accelerate growth at an optimal cost.


Cauris Management is a demanding and selective fund manager. Our investment process is proven and reflects our accumulated experience over the past 20 years in the WAEMU (West Africa Economic and Monetary Union), as well as the constant upgrade to the highest international standards.
  • Proximity and local knowledge: We know the industrial and economic fabric dynamics within the region, having invested 47 times and achieved 40 exits
  • Although our investment decision-making process is meticulous, we are also able to make quick decisions when sufficient information is provided
  • We remain very active throughout the partnership: we provide strategic advice, help with management tools and strengthening of management teams, access to our network etc. We ultimately seek to derive mutual benefit for investee companies, their employees and of course our respective shareholders. The alignment of interests amongst all stakeholders is essential and sought after at the earliest stages of the relationship
  • Finally, we ensure that by the time of our exit, the investee company is demonstrably stronger, and ready to face new challenges.
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